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Walmart Credit Card Login Information and Guide:

Walmart is one of the admiring company that dominates the world economy. They have several businesses portfolios, In that banking, Supermarkets and market investment & research is the major one.

walmart credit card

Walmart's card holder can manage their banking facilities online with ease. Walmart also provides credit cards that provide you to flexibilities to do better live to do shopping and earn extra credit features. So if you are Walmart card holder then you can manage your credit card account online with ease. In order to access online account user will be provided with the feature of pay online bills, update their contact information, review their monthly and quarterly credit card statements,  and enhance security setting. For a newly user who has received a Walmart Credit Card will find some helpful information below, Such as how to login, how to do registering for online banking, and how to activating a new card. 

How to do Login:

In order to login to Walmart Credit Card follow the bellow steps:

Step 1: You have to first access Login Home Page for reference you see the below image.
Walmart Credit Card Login Page

Step 2: Now enter your User Id in the input box under this page. And if you are using your personal system to access then you may check Remember Me check box for easier and future use. But if you are using other systems then never ever check this box.

Once you entered User Id then you will have entered your password on the following page. Once you did with that or logged in, you will able to do all online banking facilities such as online bill payment, statement history, and account setup alert.

Step 3: If you forgot your User Id or Password then you can retrieve that by clicking Look Up your user id on the main login page . 
Walmart Credit Card Login Retrieval Page

Step 4: Once you clicked on that then you have to enter your Account Number and Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number on the following page.

Step 5: Once you entered both then just click on Next button to start the retrieval process.

Guide For Activation/Registration of Walmart Cards:

There are two ways to activate your newly received Walmart Credit Cards. One is by By call and second one  online registration process .

First: If you would like to activate your account by Call then Call on this Number: 1 (877) 969-9020 

Second: By online registration process. For that, you have to follow the below steps.

Step 1: First click on Secure Registration .

Step 2: Once you click then it show the login home page If you are handling any Walmart finance account then enter your User Id and click on Sign In Now button else for the new user you have to click on Enroll now and access your account button.
Walmart Credit Card Enroll home page
Step 3: Once you click on that button you have to follow next page and enter you account number at given space and then hit the Next button.
Walmart Credit Card Enroll page
**Note: As per Walmart rule you should have a primary cardholder to enroll online registration and activation.

Step 4: Then you have to validate your account as Primary Cardholder, Select your card preferences, and Security image before the process to be done. That's all for newly received Walmart Credit Card user to Register online and Login guide.